Sponsor A Child

We truly believe that the tour to South Africa will be a life-changing experience for our young people.

We truly believe that the tour to South Africa will be a life-changing experience for our young people. Sadly we know that many of our members come from less affluent backgrounds and, despite working incredibly hard to raise funds, they still need some help.

We have already forged strong links with a number of world-class choirs and choir leaders which will be strengthened and developed during our time there. The costs of the trip to South Africa as you can imagine are huge, but we know that this will be such an incredibly unique and enriching experience for those travelling and will also provide amazing opportunities to all our members over the coming years. The relationships we build whilst in South Africa will ensure all members of BYC are able to work with amazing people in the future and learn from those travelling.  This trip will educate them not only on the music of South Africa but also about the culture which is extremely important to us.  

A pledge of £250 towards the costs of the trip for a child.

By pledging £250 with our Sponsor a Child Scheme you will be able to support a young person travelling to South Africa. In return we will recognise your support by:

• Promoting your name/organisation/company’s name/logo via our website

• Promoting your name/organisation/company’s name/logo via social media

• Promoting your name/organisation/company’s name/logo  at important events

• Printing your name/organisation/company’s name on the back of the tour t-shirts that all members will wear in South Africa

It really is a fantastic way to support these amazing young people and for business owners it is also a great way to promote your business.

Our young people are working so hard, not only in rehearsals to produce the highest standard of performance, but also in raising funds themselves to ensure the trip is a huge success. We would be so grateful if you could support them further by sponsoring one of the 64 members of BYC travelling to South Africa.  We really want to be in a position where every child is sponsored. This is one way you could make a real difference.  

Yvonne Worsley

Chairperson and Trustee