Become a Major Sponsor

BYC Sponsorship packages run per season between September - August in any given year


Barnsley Youth Choir has become a recognised brand internationally and has developed a very positive profile. It is an organisation that has integrity through it's charity status and also seeks to support children in one of the most deprived areas of England. 

We hope that the choir offers a unique opportunity for individuals, organisations and businesses to develop a special relationship that we hope will add value to their work. We have a strong platform to develop brand awareness, support a positive brand image, develop positive customer relationships and develop positive relationships within our community. As an individual, organisation or business we hope that supporting BYC demonstrates to the general public that you care about the welfare of the community and the people that live in it. 

We have excellent social media presence and there are further opportunities for exposure through a number of different platforms and events. We offer an inexpensive way to promote and align your organisation with a very positive charity that makes a huge difference to the community and is highly regarded not only in this country but internationally. We hope that the following packages provide some exciting opportunities to support BYC and that the reciprocal benefits are attractive. We are also happy to be flexible and discuss bespoke packages that meet the needs of organisations and businesses.

BYC Sponsorship packages run per season between September - August in any given year, enabling our official Sponsors to receive the full exposure their tailored packages bring and ensuring that full support can be gained throughout the season for companies and individuals.

Silver Sponsor

£500 per year

Silver Sponsors have a number of rewards for one year. This includes: name / logo on the website, 2 silver sponsor BYC badges, hyperlink to your organisation from our website, an A5 advert in one of our programmes, 2 VIP tickets to our May and December Concerts (free programmes/reserved seating/free refreshments) and an invitation to a special ‘Sponsor’s Evening’ where you will chat with members, meet directors and watch a rehearsal.

Gold Sponsor

£1000 per year

Become a Gold Sponsor for a year and enjoy many benefits: your logo on the homepage of the website, hyperlink to your organisation, an A5 advert in one of our programmes, a framed photograph of the choir, 2 VIP tickets to both the May and December concerts (free refreshments, programmes & reserved seating), invitation to a special sponsor’s evening (speak to members and directors) and official sponsorship of a concert with space for a stand / promotion.

Concert Sponsorship

£1000 per year

As an exclusive sponsor of a BYC Concert your organisation will enjoy;

  • 10 VIP tickets to the concert with reserved seating, refreshments and programmes
  • Extensive coverage on social media promoting links to your organisation
  • Your organisation's name / logo on the front of the programme 
  • An A5 page in the programme dedicated to your organisation 
  • Public acknowledgement verbally in the concert itself

Major Corporate Sponsor

£5000 per year

This pledge has rewards that reflect the significant contribution that you or your organisation will make. It includes all rewards that a Gold Sponsor will receive but also includes: a special performance of one of our choirs for you or your organisation in a venue in Barnsley, a dedicated arrangement written by Mat Wright (around 35 hours of work) and a bespoke package agreed by BYC and yourselves to ensure maximum exposure.

If you would like to support the choir in this way, or would like to discuss sponsorship packages please contact Karen Davis on