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Barnsley Youth Choir receives no public funding and relies on the support of the local and wider communities to remain viable. We are ambitious and work incredibly hard to provide exceptional opportunities for young people in our town.

We aim to keep membership subscriptions to a minimum; indeed BYC subscriptions are significantly below those of similar choirs in the UK. We recognise the context that our children and young people live in. Around 1 in 4 children live in poverty in the Barnsley Borough and it has been identified as an area of significant deprivation.

The choir was first formed with funding that sought to address this issue and we seek to be highly inclusive. BYC provides bursaries for lower income families and heavily subsidises events to ensure that children and families can access provision without significant financial strain.

No child or family should feel that they cannot be involved in BYC because of financial concerns.

We are grateful to all current supporters of BYC. The choir has such an impact on children’s lives and we need your support to continue to provide these opportunities for children in Barnsley.

The choir works hard to fundraise with a number of schemes available where individuals, organisations and companies can support and help the choir. Please click on the links above to see how you may be able to get involved in supporting our young people.