Singathon 2019

After our first ever Singathon a few years ago we agreed never, ever, ever to do it again.

Before we start can I say, just for the record, that this is the most monstrously difficult thing to do.

After our first ever Singathon a few years ago we agreed never, ever, ever to do it again. The resilience, stamina and sheer bloody mindedness required to complete this will never be understood by those that haven’t felt the pain.

Singing for over an hour is very hard work. Singing for a few hours is incredibly hard work. Singing for 13 hours through the night without sleep non-stop is a seemingly impossible task and one that can break the strongest of minds.

On 25th January 2019 around 180 young people gathered in their onesies with vital provisions to see them through the night. The night began with children from all of our Children’s Choirs singing for the first couple of hours whilst our older members arrived and gradually took over the singing. Spurred on by a team of amazing volunteers who supported them selflessly, our young people sang through the pain barrier without sleep for 13 hours. They encouraged and supported each other throughout even though at 4.00am I’m sure I spotted some singing with their eyes shut!

The Singathon is an opportunity for children to raise money to ensure that BYC remains viable. Just as important is the way that it creates strong bonds between our singers and the adults that support them. Adversity can certainly bring out the best in people and I’m told that, despite the unrelenting pain of the night, young people absolutely loved being involved.

A huge thank you to the volunteers who gave up their night to ensure that children were safe and looked after well. A huge well done to ALL singers that took part – it was a phenomenal achievement and one that every single person should feel proud of.

Finally a big thank you to those that generously sponsored our young people. I can assure you that they earned every penny that was donated and they really appreciate you digging deep to support them in such an important event. Over £17,000 was raised which will provide exceptional opportunities to 450 children across Barnsley.

I will never, ever do this again…….

Mat Wright
Artistic Director