New Album Release - Joy

The new album 'Joy' is available to order from all good outlets. It sounds amazing! We are super excited for the launch of this CD and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we do!!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the album JOY which is now available as a CD and also is available for download via various platforms. 


Joy is the second album that BYC has released following the huge success of our debut album, ‘When You Believe’ that was released in 2016.  As with the first album the concept was to develop a ‘live’ sound, not over-produced, and representative of the sound audiences hear at concerts. We wanted to try and recreate and capture the excitement of this raw, authentic sound and have minimised editing and mixing. 

The difference with this second album is that 3 of our choirs are able to take an active role in the recording, including our Children’s Choir, with members aged as young as 7 years old, our new Intermediate Choir and the entire Senior Choir rather than just those that are selected to compete.

We owe a debt of gratitude to so many for making this album possible. Jack Green from Jack Green Audio and Dr. Al McNichol deserve particular thanks, as does Luke Mather. Recording 3 large choirs, soloists and a professional band presents significant challenges and they have been terrific. Our band, including Gareth Taylor (Keys), Keith Ramskill (Drums), Tommy Fuller (Bass) and Jeff Swift (Guitar) provides an outstanding sound and supports the choir magnificently. 

Thank you also to Horizon Community College which not only provides a weekly rehearsal venue for our choir but also provided the recording space and technical support through James Proud and Alex Wright. Final thanks go to the outstanding volunteer team at BYC who do so much to make all of this possible for our young people. Without their drive, enthusiasm and commitment none of this would be possible.

The album is available is available to download or as a CD.

Available on the BYC Store

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