August 12, 2019

New home for world class choir announced

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Barnsley Youth Choir is pleased to announce that it will be moving its main central choirs to Barnsley College in September 2019. The choir was first established at Kingstone School in 2009 and then moved to Horizon Community College when the school was first opened in 2012.

BYC has been highly successful and is currently the highest ranked choir from Great Britain in the World Rankings winning 8 first prizes in the World Choir Games 2014, and European Choir Games in 2015 and 2017. As a registered charity it serves over 400 children and young people aged 4-24 years old in 6 separate choirs and has received many awards, including an MBE.

Mat Wright, Artistic Director of Barnsley Youth Choir, said;

“We are incredibly grateful for the fabulous contribution Horizon Community College has made to Barnsley Youth Choir during the last 7 years. It has offered wonderful support for the organisation and has made a huge commitment to not only its own students but to children across Barnsley.

An opportunity has arisen to relocate into the heart of the centre of Barnsley and develop a relationship with Barnsley College, an outstanding provider that has already offered considerable support to the choir. We see this is an exciting step forwards and young people in Barnsley will have the privilege of rehearsing in a world class facility. We are really excited about this development.”

Barnsley College will also become the new home for Barnsley Singers, the adult community choir established in 2016 that serves around 120 adults.

Luke Mather, Musical Director of Barnsley Singers, said;

“Barnsley Singers is pleased to be involved in this exciting development and relocate with Barnsley Youth Choir. Barnsley College is a wonderful organisation that has become a beacon of success and the 6th Form Centre is such a world class facility. It will be fantastic to work there and for adults to see the exceptional provision that the college provides for our community. Barnsley Singers is very grateful to Horizon Community College for the support that it has offered in establishing the choir and for providing such a wonderful home since 2016”

Sally Steadman, Director of Marketing and Communications for Barnsley College, said;

“We are delighted to be able to host Barnsley Youth Choir and Barnsley Singers. We have always been huge supporters of both choirs and are really excited that we create a stronger partnership going forward.”

Notes to take away:

  • Barnsley Youth Choir central choirs begin their 2019-20 season at Barnsley College 6th Form with rehearsals commencing on Thursday 5th September 2019
  • Barnsley Singers will commence its 2019-20 season at Barnsley College 6th Form with rehearsals commencing on Tuesday 3rd September 2019
  • Further information about Barnsley Youth Choir, including how to join, is available here:
  • Further information about Barnsley Singers, including how to join, is available via its website
  • Barnsley Youth Choir’s list of achievements is located here
  • 64 members of Barnsley Youth Choir will tour South Africa this month and work with some of the world’s most outstanding choirs and directors