May 31, 2018

Horizon and BYC: World Class

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Horizon Community College

Horizon is delighted to be the home of the world famous Barnsley Youth Choir and the way things are going it won’t be long before Horizon is world famous too.

Since opening its doors back in 2012 and welcoming the Barnsley Youth Choir to be based with us, Horizon has dramatically improved educational standards and opportunities for young people in Barnsley. Horizon has not only been the most consistently high performing school in Barnsley, but it has led the way in ensuring outcomes across the whole of the borough have risen significantly – catapulting Barnsley up the national league tables.

Nick Bowen - Executive Principal

Horizon’s reputation for academic success, alongside providing wider opportunities for young people through sport, the arts and community enterprise, has ensured the spotlight of the national stage.  We are often invited to speak about our successes and expertise at events around the country and schools and organisations from across the country regularly visit Horizon to learn from what we have achieved.

As with the incredible Barnsley Youth Choir, the world stage beckons.  As we strive to become one of the best schools in the country, we will look to support educational improvement across the globe.  If we can harness the energy, dedication and insistence on excellence that has become the trademark of the Barnsley Youth Choir, I have no doubt that we will have an enormous amount to offer.