10th Anniversary Tickets

10th Anniversary Tickets Selling quickly!

Tickets for the 10th Anniversary International Festival are selling quickly! This promises to be an unforgettable 2 days of music. To reserve your tickets and avoid missing out phone the ticket line on 07542 169074 alternatively you can book your tickets online Here

Some of the outstanding people taking part include;

1)     The Grammy Award Winning Paul Phoenix as guest soloist. He is one of the most famous tenors in the world and is famous for his role in the Kings Singers

2)     Dr. Michael Barrett from Pretoria, South Africa. He is seen by many as being the most important conductor in the world. He is flying from South Africa to conduct our choirs and lead workshops

3)     The Aurin Choir from the legendary Kodaly Music School in Hungary –perhaps the finest youth choir in the world 

4)     The Stockholm Cathedral Youth Choir from the Adolf Fredriks Music School in Stockholm, Sweden – viewed by many as the best music school in the world.

5)     The National Youth Choir of Great Britain Fellowship. The top 8 singers in Great Britain aged 22-25 years old. They are truly fantastic and have performed with the very best musicians across the world.