Gorgey Bennett

Musical Assistant

Musical Assistant BYC Children’s Choir East and Assistant Director BYC Junior Choir. Leader of the Alto Section

 Relevant Experience

  • I have been involved in Barnsley Youth Choir since it began in 2009, performing in events such as Celebration of Learning Awards and being involved in the concerts that came from the Barnsley Newham Partnership.
  • In 2014, I travelled with the choir to the first competition we took part in to the World Choir Games held in Riga, Latvia where we competed in the open competition and were awarded two gold diplomas and first place in the Pop category. In 2015, I travelled to Magdeburg, Germany where we competed in the European Choir Games and were awarded gold medals, first place in the Champions Pop and Gospel categories and first place in the Grand Prix of Nations pop and gospel category.
  • Through the years, I have been lucky enough to work with amazing choirs from around the world, the Miraculum and Aurin choirs from Hungary, Adolf Frederiks Choir in Sweden and Farnham Youth Choir, from the UK.
  • I had the great opportunity of singing at the Underneath the Stars Festival and performing alongside Kate Rubsy in summer 2018.
  • In 2016, I performed with the choir at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which I have just been involved in again, in August 2018.