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This event has now ended

We want to thank everyone who turned up to this wonderful event!

The following 2pm & 5pm shows are available: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th*, 13th* & 14th of August 2018.
Tickets: £10 full | £7 concessions | £24 family

The World Famous Barnsley Youth Choir returns to the fabulous Greyfriars Kirk with a new show.

*80 members of the award winning Senior Choir are joined by 60 of the next generation of young singers, and a stunning band.

‘The best thing I have ever seen at the Fringe and I’ve been coming for 30 years!’

‘A wonderful musical experience. Loved every moment. Don’t miss this one!’

‘The best bit of the Fringe’

‘A must see! No question just book this!’

‘My hair was literally standing on end throughout. I was moved to tears, as were

others around me. An amazing hour!’

‘Music that feeds your soul’

‘Absolutely fantastic – the best choir I have EVER heard. Thank you!!!!’

‘One of the best at the Festival – never mind the Fringe!’

‘Completely blown away – unbelievable talent’

‘Extraordinary – not to be missed’

‘The best thing that I’ve seen all week – so much energy and passion!’

‘This is the second time I’ve watched them this week….and it might not be the last!’

‘Blown away – you MUST come and see this brilliant choir. So much talent and joy!’

‘I’ve been coming to the Fringe for 25 years and I haven’t experienced anything better. Take a bow, Edinburgh belongs to you!’

‘We’ve seen hundreds of shows here over the years. This was one of, if not the best we’ve ever seen. A shining example to ‘famous people’.

‘The best ticket I’ve ever purchased. Best wishes from Berkshire’

‘Tears and goosebumps!’

‘As a Welshman I have watched many excellent choir performances, but this was the best by absolute miles – truly awesome’

‘You deserve to be in the top 10 in the world. THANK YOU from two Kiwis passing through!’

‘One of the best concerts I’ve ever seen….. including Metallica!’

‘I heard you on the Royal Mile and drove back all the way from Fife to see you.'

‘I’ve been a professional singer for 30 years and you are the best, most inspirational choir that I have ever seen’

For more details, visit: or call: 0131 226 0000

Event Code: BYC_E002

Add to my Calendar Aug 07, 2018 Aug 14, 2018 Europe/London Joy 2pm & 5pm shows. Tickets from £7 Greyfriars Kirk (Venue 131) - Greyfriars Place EH1 2QQ
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