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BYC Steps Up Communications

Free Laptop Main

free-laptop-mainBarnsley Youth Choir is looking for a communications partner to support us in our continuing growth and development. Due to the huge amount of work that our volunteers undertake on behalf of the organisation, BYC feels that it is only right that we now equip them with the right tools for the job.

Currently, our volunteers are using their own personal mobile phones and computers to handle the communications that are required to maintain the safe and smooth running of the choir. As the choir looks to progress, the BYC committee has decided that the time is right to invest in a number of mobile phones and laptop computers that will be issued to key members of the organisation. 

Having our own phones will allow us to publish a clear directory of relevant contacts within BYC, making it far easier for people to contact the right person within the choir. Running the choir requires a huge amount of background administration, so the sourcing of several laptops computers is vital to ensure the safe and appropriate storage of information.

Although we have made the decision to invest in these items regardless, Barnsley Youth Choir is now seeking to appoint a communications partner. The partner may be a specialist in this area with the ability to supply us with these products, or an organisation that is prepared to sponsor us with the necessary funds to support this investment. The partner would be acknowledged as such in all outgoing communications – both printed and digital – and would receive a number of other benefits that would be discussed privately once interest has been expressed.

Companies or organisations wishing to obtain further information should get in touch with James Dickson at Nineteen52 Consulting on 07532 046058.