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Barnsley to Welcome Miraculum Children’s Choir

László Durányik, Founder & Conductor of the Miraculum Children's Choir

László Durányik, Founder & Conductor of the Miraculum Children’s Choir

This June we are delighted to be welcoming back to Barnsley the amazing Miraculum Children’s Choir. The choir will be travelling to the UK from the Kodály School in Kecskemét, Hungary and will visit Barnsley during a UK tour.

During its stay in our town, the Miraculum Choir will conduct several workshops in local schools and will also give Barnsley the unique opportunity to hear them in a special one-off concert at Emmanuel Church. The Miraculum Choir will be led by its legendary conductor László Durányik, who will return to Barnsley for the second summer running having brought the Aurin Girls choir to the town in 2013.

Tickets for the one-off  Miraculum Children’s Choir concert on Friday 20th June are £7 each or £2 for under 18’s. Tickets can be purchased by contacting o7542 169074.