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Audition Results for World Choir Games

World Choir Games Image
The stunning city of Riga.

The stunning city of Riga.

Following a tough auditions process we are delighted to announce the list of members chosen to represent Barnsley Youth Choir at the World Choir Games this summer. The selection process was an unenviable task and one that was made even tougher by the high standard delivered during the auditions. 

We would like to congratulate all of those who have been successful in being selected, but we should also congratulate the entire group of young people from both the youth choir and the children’s choir. Their commitment and enthusiasm to the cause has been inspiring, giving the choir a huge lift and a real sense that we are all pulling together to achieve something that will ultimately benefit the whole organisation. 

Thank you all for your support and unerring dedication to BYC.

Section Surname Forename     School / College
Sop Bennett Rebecca Dearne Valley College
Sop Bennett Ellie Working
Sop Bentley Gabrielle Ossett 6th Form
Sop Chambers Nerissa Horizon Community College
Sop Firth Anna Horizon Community College
Sop Moore Aysha Hope House School
Sop Price Victoria Leeds College of Music
Sop Smith Charlotte Barnsley Academy
Sop Todd Hannah Darton ALC
Sop Vickers Alisha Leeds City College
Sop Walsh Naomi Penistone 6th Form
Sop Wilde Rosa Penistone Grammar ALC
Sop Clough Lucy     Penistone Grammar ALC     (RESERVE)


Mez Altas Neamh Carlton Community College
Mez Bentley Charlotte Kirk Balk ALC
Mez Hamby Jessica Penistone Grammar ALC
Mez Hayhoe Leona Cambridge University
Mez Hunter Helena Horizon Community College
Mez Laing Remi WGHS Wakefield
Mez Masters Rosie Sheffield Hallam University
Mez Price Leila Penistone Grammar ALC
Mez Stevens Natasha Horizon Community College
Mez Towers Lucy Holy Trinity ALC
Mez Veal Charlotte Penistone 6th Form
Mez Wroe Catherine Hull University
Mez Selwood Jordan     Penistone 6th Form             (RESERVE)


Section Surname Forename     School / College
Alto Bennett Gorgey Barnsley College
Alto Boucher Gracie Carlton Community College
Alto Cook Eleanor Penistone Grammar ALC
Alto Ellis Elizabeth Penistone Grammar ALC
Alto Hepplesone Molly Greenhead College
Alto Hirst Melissa Penistone Grammar ALC
Alto Norman Ellie Barnsley Academy
Alto Ritchie Emily Chester University
Alto Stirk Aiden Horizon Community College
Alto Utley Danielle Carlton Community College
Alto Watson Isabella Darton ALC
Alto Smith Bethany     Working                                (RESERVE)


Tenor Boucher George Barnsley College
Tenor Burgin Johnathon Barnsley College
Tenor Fotheringham Danielle Barnsley College
Tenor Griffiths Connor Barnsley College
Tenor Hanson Jacob Horizon Community College
Tenor Harris Oliver London School of Economics
Tenor Masters Tom Horizon Community College
Tenor O’Sullivan Jackson Penistone Grammar ALC
Tenor Sykes Josh QEGS Wakefield
Tenor Major James     St Thomas a Beckett          (RESERVE)