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Barnsley Youth Choir is excited to announce the launch of its first full-length album.

Following intensive recording sessions during Christmas 2015, Barnsley Youth Choir will release ‘When You Believe’ on Friday 6th May 2016. The album will be available as a physical CD and via digital download.

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When and How?

The album will be available to download from from 8:30am on Friday 6th May. BYC has selected this platform as a higher percentage of the sale price will go to the choir.

Simply click on the ‘Download Album’ button above and follow the instructions.

“The talent, commitment and achievements of Barnsley Youth Choir are hugely impressive, and I enjoyed a wonderful evening of uplifting and powerful performances.”

Darren Henley OBE
Chief Executive, Arts Council England

Download Costs

The download price is $12.99 (approximately £9). However, another benefit of the Loudr website is that should you wish to pay more, buyers can simply slide the price bar up. Doing so will increase the amount of money BYC receives in respect of the purchase.

The Loudr website includes a variable slider, allowing supporters to pay a bit more if they would like more revenue to go back to BYC.

The Loudr website includes a variable slider, allowing supporters to pay a bit more if they would like more revenue to go back to BYC.

The album will also be available as a physical CD at a cost of £10.

CD’s can be purchased directly from BYC either at the May concerts at Horizon Community College or by visiting the school during Thursday night BYC rehearsals.

Additionally, we hope to announce local retailers in the coming days.

Recommendation Letter_Mathew Wright copyBarnsley Youth Choir Pedigree

Triple Gold Medalists
2015 European Choir Games, Magdeburg, Germany

Gold Medalists 2014 World Choir Games, Riga, Latvia

Read what the organisers of both events had to say about BYC by clicking the picture on the right.

Album Previews

Dearne FM will be supporting the launch of the album by playing selected tracks every morning during the Joe Sentance breakfast show starting from Tuesday 3rd May.



About the Album

Recorded in the beautiful setting of Barnsley’s Emmanuel Church, the album features 11 tracks spanning the full stylistic content of the choir’s repertoire. The title track ‘When You Believe’ has been a favourite among the members and supporters for some time, and was selected as the album name to aptly reflect the hard work, dedication, and belief of the members.

The track listing is described by Musical Director Mat Wright as ‘modern classics given a choral twist with a live band’, and it has been specifically curated to appeal to anyone that enjoys good music, not just choir enthusiasts. The vision for the album was simple: the choir was keen to create a ‘live’ sound that wasn’t over-produced, and would be faithfully representative of the sound audiences hear at concerts.

774734_10153134719615916_5338095072454606616_oThe choir, soloists and band members were recorded performing together – exactly as they would in a live concert – to try and capture the sound and relationship between performers. This all helped to capture the excitement of a live performance, which was then subjected to minimal editing and mixing.

Having achieved unexpected success at both the World and European Choir Games, the choir received unprecedented demand to record and release a full album. The finished album features the songs performed in those competitions, giving us the perfect way to reflect on the choir’s amazing achievements and what can happen ‘When You Believe’.

Who will benefit?

The album proceeds will go directly back into the choir, helping it to continue its work.

The album proceeds will go directly back into the choir, helping it to continue its work.

Everyone! Our supporters benefit by getting the album that they having been demanding, whilst the choir will benefit from the funds generated through the album sales. As a registered charity, the funds will go directly back into the development of the choir, helping us to create more opportunities for the young people and continue our delivery of accessible and inclusive choral education.

In its short history the community work done by BYC  has already been recognised both locally, nationally and internationally, but it is only with ongoing support that it can continue to thrive.

However, people should buy the album not because of any sense of obligation to support, but simply because it is a marvellous piece of work that has been produced to a highly professional standard.

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